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Teresa had been staying with her boyfriend’s family and was kicked out due to conflict. She came to The House because she had nowhere else to go. She began to build healthy relationships with staff at the House, and was eager to get involved in all the activities The House had to offer. We were able to re-connect her with her family in the Midwest, where she still lives now. Teresa calls occasionally to tell us how she’s doing, and how much she appreciated The House and the staff who helped her when she needed it. She now manages a restaurant, attends college, and dreams of a bright future.


Due to the stable housing provided by a Karis transitional living program, Daniella was able to resolve her legal troubles through house arrest instead of jail time while residing in our program. She was able to spend 45 days in a safe and supportive environment while caring for her child instead of incarcerated, allowing the child to remain with a stable primary caregiver. During those 45 days, Daniella was able to celebrate her child’s birthday, attend therapy, and maintain visits with Nurse Family Partnership.


Jeremy grew up as a local in this town. He’s been utilizing community services off and on from as early as twelve years of age. He’s a bright young man who has shown a lot of resiliency despite his circumstances. Last fall, we bumped into him at the bus stop. When he looked up from his book, the expression on his face was heartbreaking. He didn’t want to be recognized, not like this. He had lost about thirty pounds, was cold, and his clothes were very dirty. Fast forward to today, with thanks to a generous donor, Jeremy is stably housed. He regularly attends two recovery groups each week. He consistently demonstrates responsibility in his legal matters and shows up when it counts. Instead of sitting at a cold bus stop, not wanting to be seen, now you can find Jeremy joining in on group activities and meeting with staff and counselors for coffee.


Jake has seen the roller coaster. He became homeless at age 20, the product of substance abuse that he couldn’t get under control. His parents kicked him out of their home, where Jake floundered, and continued to use more and more. His addiction grew consistently until he entered The House that same year. There, he found connection, opportunity, and hope. He attended a rehab facility in Denver, when he entered his first significant period of sobriety in years. As what so often happens, he relapsed, and relapsed hard, and found himself on the streets. With the help of a mentor as well as staff from The House, he entered a local rehab center a few months later, where he flourished and graduated. Now nearly a year sober, he is safe and living with his parents, is holding down a babysitting job, and is entering the local university this fall to study psychology.


Hailey, a Zoe House resident, has struggled with depression and motivation for the past several months. She was feeling very motivated one day to find employment, so we took her to get some interview clothes and then stopped at a couple restaurants where she filled out an application and asked to speak with the manager. At the second stop, Hailey was offered a job on the spot! She has been consistently working 30 hours a week since she was hired and has made some friends at work.

The names of youth have been changed to ensure their safety and confidentiality.


Last year, Karis served 265 homeless, unaccompanied youth between ages 13-24. 

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