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Laurel House is officially open!

Laurel House is a large apartment building that houses some of our community’s most vulnerable youth. The program features 34 one-bedroom apartments with a lot of beautiful common space. Youth can stay in their apartments for as long as needed.

Laurel House is the epitome of a home. It is a place designed to house and care for the most needy youth in our community for a very long time.

Services & Staffing


Laurel House Apartments offer:

• Crisis Assessment

• Case Management (Employment Assistance, Housing Planning, Referrals, Support)

• Therapy

• Community Groups


Laurel House is staffed by our Program Coordinator, Case Managers, Therapist, Activities Director, and Advocates.


What Makes Laurel House Unique

One of Few

This is one of America’s only shared housing, permanent supportive housing program for youth.

Services from our partners

Services here are provided by Mind Springs Health and Rocky Mountain Health Plans


In 2021, the building was nominated for an Eagle Award from the Colorado Housing Organization. 


Youth at the Laurel House Apartments are housed permanently, so long as they abide by the lease.



We track HOME outcomes, however, since the sample size is so small, we do report out on these.

About Laurel House

“The Laurel House apartments will bring hope to our most vulnerable youth before they face a lifetime of homelessness.”

— David Scanga, Karis Board Chair

Last year, there were more than 250 youth in our community without homes or guardians. We all want better for them.

Many of these youth find hope in the house’s short-term programs, but others are at risk for sexual exploitation, long-term homelessness, or even death on the streets.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers at Laurel House help with community groups, cook meals, and serve as mentors. If you are interested in volunteering with our Street Outreach Program, please fill out our preliminary volunteer application to get started.

"You guys saved my life."

— Tyler, House youth, 2019

Laurel House Updates

Laurel House Grand Opening

Laurel House Grand Opening

The Laurel House Grand Opening weekend was a success! We want to thank each of our sponsors and all who supported the event online or in person. We are eager to see this space transform the lives of the youth in our community who need it most by providing safety,...

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Former House Youth Helps Build Karis Apartments

Former House Youth Helps Build Karis Apartments

"I was very excited to be a part of building this. I wouldn’t have been here without The House." Stephen Scheer spent a good portion of his formative years at The House. A 15 year-old juvenile delinquent when he began our program, Stephen is now a plumbing apprentice...

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Karis Apartments Building Progress Amid The Pandemic

Karis Apartments Building Progress Amid The Pandemic

We are so thrilled at the progress being made on the Karis Apartments! This past week the team started framing the exterior wall for the management office and finished second floor framing. Coming up in the next week our builder will: Start installing the roof...

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Help Bring These Youth Home

Together we provide homeless, unaccompanied youth on the Western Slope with safety, warmth and hope for a new day.


One-Time or Recurring Options Available


KARIS, Inc. PO Box 2837
Grand Jct, CO 81502


Make a pledge toward keeping our youth safe. You can divide the remainder into multiple payments over the next TWO or THREE  years. 

Please see these documents if you are interested in naming/dedication opportunities. We are grateful for your consideration.

Special Thanks To Our Partners + Sponsors

Without their generous support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you.

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