Guardians provide $100.00 or more each year to care for homeless youth in Mesa County.

What Are Guardians?

Guardians provide $100.00 or more each year to care for homeless youth in Mesa County. You can sign up to be a Guardian by giving just $8.33 per month or by sending in an annual check. Just click here.

Below are the stories of a few of our guardians:

Mike Bambino

“I didn’t even realize, working at the homeless shelter, that teens could not get in, by law,” he said. “I can identify with these kids, and a lot of them are trying to escape a bad situation, so I knew immediately that we had to intervene in these kids’ lives and give them a hope and a vision and a foundation for daily living, and get them back into a safe environment.”

John Farley

In 1987, twenty years before Father John Farley became pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Grand Junction, Farley began a project in the streets of Denver. He was doing a week-long “urban immersion” program with Outward Bound. In this program he was partnered up with a friend, given ten dollars, and with only the coat on his back was told, “Okay, see you in three days!”


“Everybody can play some role in helping, financially or in getting a task done,” says Hildebrand, who offers his company’s services to several nonprofit organizations. “And doing the payroll for the organization is what we’re going to take on as our role in the piece. It’s about two to three thousand dollars per year to buy these services, so if you don’t have to pay for that, you can take that money and use it toward your mission. That’s how we can help.”


Beck is the General Manager and Director of Sales of Maranatha Broadcasting Corporation (MBC Grand) in Grand Junction, a group of eight radio stations across western Colorado, and a partner with The House.

Alison Pogorelz

Pogorelz’ role at The House is a multi-faceted one. She receives significant exposure to the professional side – a participator in the steering committee meetings, the staffing of the kids, and interaction with John Mok-Lamme, the Executive Director, and Ashley Elliott, the Case Manager. But she is also heavily involved in the lives of the teens – working shifts at The House, as well as her role as a mentor.


Chrysler, a dental hygienist from Mesa, Colorado, recently became The House’s first person – out of 38 needed – to volunteer their time and services for the homeless youth that will be staying at The House. For at least one shift throughout the week, Chrysler will be cooking meals, spending time with the teens, and getting to know the people that will be needing The House’s services.

Hal Heath


“This is the beauty of the way The House is set up,” said Heath, indicating Spor and Parish. “Places like hospitals cost millions of dollars and there’s not much the average person like you or me can do to contribute. But with The House, volunteering like these guys do is priceless. Giving a hundred bucks is priceless. The average person can make a difference here.”

Aaron & Ashley

Aaron Stites and Ashley Elliott sat side-by-side on one of the couches in The House living room, small stacks of paper lying nearby as residents of The House passed by on their way to the kitchen. Stites’ and Elliott’s life and jobs surrounded them; realistically, they didn’t have time for an interview, but they took the time for me.

Curt Lincoln


“It’s one of those hidden needs in the community because you don’t really see teenagers standing on the street corners asking for money,” he said. “You have to really look deeper into the community. And you find that some of these kids actually do live somewhere, but it’s at a friend’s house, or it’s a couch-surfing thing. So in the eyes of the general public they’re kind of taken cared of. But the reality is that a high percentage of these homeless teens have low connection levels in the community, and a teen who is connected to a community has a higher success rate in life. And what The House does is to try to get them connected into the community.”

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